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Safety tips and precautions
for secure classified ads

Please read carefully

FindMuchMore is committed to ensuring your protection. Our objective is to provide you with secure, high quality, classified ad service. To that end, it publishes only ads that meet its rigorous safety standards.

Despite our best efforts, including cooperating with police authorities, if need be, we cannot guarantee that the site is entirely free of fraudulent ads, or that buyers and sellers have the best of intentions.

As explained in its Terms of use, FindMuchMore does not become involved in advertiser/buyer transactions or payments, nor is it in any way responsible for fraud or others.

FindMuchMore therefore advises Sellers and Buyers to exercise caution and beware of Web scams, among others:

  • Always arrange to meet in person, in a designated location (other than your home) to conclude any transactions.

  • Never send money to strangers, particularly outside the country. Beware of requests for payment or the transfer of funds via services such as Western Union, MoneyGram or others. If you cannot conclude the sale in person, hire an escrow service to act as a trusted third-party intermediary. Beware of fraudulent secure sites suggested by the other party.

  • Verify third-party identities and make sure these individuals actually own the advertised items before making a deposit.

  • Do not make deposits or pay brokerage/import/customs fees for the shipment of goods, animals or others. The goods may never be sent or may not clear customs, and you will lose your money.

  • Beware of cheques that exceed the agreed-upon amount, particularly if you are asked to reimburse or pay the difference to a third party. These cheques are frequently NSF.

  • Beware of ads from West Africa (Benin, Nigeria, Togo, etc.) where fraud artists are particularly active.

  • Beware of ads that make claims that sound too good to be true.

  • Lastly, keep updated about the latest Web scams or frauds. For additional information, check out the following sites:

Frequently reported frauds:

  • False ads: Individuals selling goods that either do not exist or exist but belong to others and are being sold without their knowledge..

  • False identity: Ads published under a false name and address. These people often live in other countries and you will not be able to collect amounts you paid. Conclude transactions in person, verify the seller’s identity and never send money to strangers.

  • Reselling stolen goods: Beware of high ticket items being sold at bargain basement prices and insist on obtaining a proof of purchase or ownership. Do not become an unwitting receiver of stolen goods.

  • Identity or phishing: Never reveal personal information, social insurance numbers, date of birth, passwords, PIN, credit card or bank card numbers to anyone.

    FindMuchMore does not provide intra-member payment or payment protection services. Please contact us immediately if your identity is stolen and you receive a message bearing our name or logo requesting personal information or money. This is fraud.

  • Pyramid schemes: Beware of ads for home-based work, multi-level marketing schemes or other commission-based offers of employment, particularly if you are:
    • offered a commission for recruiting new members, distributors or agents and the commissions stem from recruiting efforts rather than the sale of products or services.
    • required to purchase expensive inventories or to make pre- or regular payments.
    • promised excessive, effortless or miracle profits
    • invited to hear people speak about their incredible business success. These people are often shills paid by promoters to make these claims.
    • pressured to sign a contract, and not given sufficient time to study it or assess the project.

Not all Network Marketing systems are fraudulent. Some are first rate. Please exercise caution.

Please advise us of any false ad or attempted fraud by sellers or buyers to allow us to take swift action.

Notwithstanding our precautionary note, remember that the Web also boasts real bargains, interesting business opportunities and secure classified ads placed by honest people!

Exercise caution, remain informed, be suspicious of miracle claims, follow basic rules of safety, and always conduct your business in person, locally, whenever possible.

Thank you for taking the time to read these tips and helping us make sure FindMuchMore remains the safest possible free classified ad web site !

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